Our Story

Founded in Santa Barbara in 2017, HarperMarley is all about super cute clothes and making you more beautiful while you have fun. Lightweight cotton summer wear. These carefully selected clothes in high-quality stretchy, soft fabrics show the best of classic California design --- stylish, fun patterns that make you look good. Every t-shirt and lounge pants in the fashion line have been selected to be stylish and versatile and playful. All of the HarperMarley clothing line is California born.

Who is HarperMarley? I am a stay-at-home mom who worked in the fashion industry, in clothing and cosmetics, and I decided to be bold and follow my passion for starting my own clothing business. I have really been into fashion since I was nine years old. Cute, trendy, colorful fabrics, the fun of dress up and feeling instantly pretty, the latest styles, casual California style. With HarperMarley tops and bottoms, we can run outside and know we always look great. Run, leap, touch the sky! I know clothing. I love making people more beautiful.